Located within the borgo of Novazzano, a few kilometres from the Swiss-Italian border, la casa del tabacco is a space dedicated to research and experimentation. Its remit is to house projects whose core themes centre on the contamination of different art forms and languages. 
The L-shaped building was originally an old rural house with kitchen, stables and storage on the ground floor directly accessible from the courtyard where the tobacco used to be dried out; on the first floor, accessible through an external staircase, were the hay barn and the bedrooms facing the loggia.
Today, after numerous refurbishments, la casa del tabacco comprises:
-  a working studio of approx. 80 m2
-  a studio residence for the hosting of artists
-  an office
Permanent premises of Trickster-p, la casa del tabacco is meant as both a physical space and a hub of ideas; it is conceived as a temporary residence dedicated to experimental artistic practices.