Trickster-p arises out of the encounter of Cristina Galbiati and Ilija Luginbühl and is intended as an artistic research project which pushes at the boundaries and is at the crossroad of different art forms. Initially their research focused specifically on the centrality and physicality of the performer; as time went on, their focus has shifted from a more narrow definition of theatre to include expressions that transgress genre boundaries, both conceptually and formally resulting from the mixture of extremely heterogeneous artistic media.
Trickster's main focus has hence shifted from the performer to the spectator. The emphasis on the relation of the audience to the art work and the ever-evolving definition of being a spectator in today times have now become recurrent elements of Trickster's works.
Cristina Galbiati and Ilija Luginbühl's poetics strongly favours an essential aesthetic which moves away from the narrative and delves into an  imaginative and evocative world.
Along with the artistic work, Trickster channeled its experimental vocation by creating la casa del tabacco, a space of creation and experimentation in the village of Novazzano, few kilometres away from the Italian-Swiss border and current base of Trickster project.
To date, Trickster's works have been presented extensively in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America.

Trickster-p has been awarded the Swiss Theater Award 2017.